Steve & Sarah cutting the cake-

We saw the video and absolutely loved it! It exceeded our expectations in so many ways! It’s amazing and absolutely beautiful!

Ahh! Our video came out stunning. I have watched it a few dozen times already. Definitely check out his website, he does some beautiful work, I’ll add the link to the short film he did for us. Such a lovely guy to chat with, so accommodating, and blends right in on the wedding day. His prices are unreal for his skill.
Video: vimeo.com/366623184

We just watched the video and absolutely LOVED it! You captured so many special moments that we can cherish forever and ever 🙂 Thank you so so much!!!

It’s perfect, thank you so so much! I just showed mom and she’s still crying, she loves it!

You were so fantastic to work with Jeff. We really appreciate all you’ve done.

We friggin love it. We are watching it now for the 15th time!!!!!! Thank you from our hearts. You truly captured the energy of the day.

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much! It is absolutely perfect! I will be def singing your praises without a doubt! You were awesome to work with and made everyone feel at ease! Hugs to you and thanks for perfectly capturing our day!

We received the video and actually waited to watch it. It was the last piece of the wedding business so we were saving it and made the viewing a special event.

We were both in tears. You did a lovely job capturing the special memories from the day. We especially loved the audio clips you included throughout and the outtakes at the end. Thank you so very much. It is definitely something to treasure!

Love it. It is perfect! We have already watched it 3 times.

Amazing! Our video is perfect! You captured out day perfectly and we will cherish the video forever! Thank you so much for helping make our day unforgettable!

Thank you so much Jeff. We watched our video as soon as we got it and it brought back all the emotions of our wedding day! You didn’t miss a thing and even captured a bunch of things that we did see ourselves because the day was so hectic! We will treasure our video forever and are so glad we decided to get one done. THANK YOU!

Hey Jeff, we have now watched the thing at least 500 times!!! Thank you so much!