Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking of booking but have some questions?

Of course you do! It’s an important day and it’s a big investment so we expect you to want to chat with us before booking. Call or email us anytime and we’d be happy to chat.

How can we book our date?

If you’re ready to book your date than call or email to makes sure we are not already booked. And, then, we will need a $500 non-refundable down payment. We accept email money transfer, cash, or check. The rest of the balance is due when you get your video.

What happens before the wedding? Do you just show up on the wedding day?

No, it is important that we sit down with you sometime before the wedding. We want to be fully prepared and know exactly what the schedule is going to be, and if possible go to the wedding venue and have a look the day before. We want to avoid any big surprises on shoot day. We also want to meet you and get to know you a little before the big day!

When is the best time to book?

The season for weddings is usually a short period of time in the warmer months. Also, our prices are reasonable and our work is good so demand is high. It is always a good idea to book as early as possible to reserve our services. It’s also nice to just to tick that chore off your list! We know how busy you are going to be!

Can I get all the raw uncut footage along with the finished video?

This is not really a practice of most videographers. Uncut footage is not exciting or pretty! A lot of time and effort takes place on the edit table to make your magical video. 99% of people will have no desire to look at hours of raw, unedited, un-magical video!

Where do you film?

We love travel and will go anywhere shoot your big day! We’ve shot weddings in Jamaica and Nepal! So we’d love to film your day wherever you decide to tie the knot!

What do we receive after the wedding?

Once the wedding is over we need a couple of days to recover before we start the edit. And, wading through 14 hrs of footage takes a very long time so the editing process will take a few weeks to several months. We usually get the finished video to the client in a month. We deliver it on a private, on-line video site that is easily shared with family and friends. The digital copy is safe and easily shared – you can watch again and again on your iPhone standing in line at the bank! You’ll never damage it, scratch it or lose it in a spilled drink accident!

Who owns the copyright to the video?

You own all the copyright but we usually ask if we can post your wedding video on our website as sample work. It’s the best way for us to advertise our services and show the quality of our work. If you really don’t want your video open to the public however we can make an exception.

Will you eat at the wedding reception?

Who doesn’t love a great meal! After you’ve been working for 10 straight hours you need some nourishment to finish filming those last couple of important hours of the wedding. A quick, delicious meal helps us get through!

Call or email us anytime with any questions: 902-213-2056 or

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